English language courses for adults

There is a wide range of options available for adults looking for English courses

With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which language course will truly meet your needs. Make use of our free and independent consultation service to find the best of the wide range of language schools.  We will find the right course for you, whether you want to improve your General English or are looking for a Business English course.

Most English courses take place continuously throughout the year, so you will be able to start your course at the beginning of any week that is convenient for you. Your language skills will be tested and evaluated by the school to ensure that you are placed in the right course for your level of English. We make sure that the schools have a well-balanced mix of nationalities, which provides an enhanced learning environment. The aim is to have an integrated learning experience, which is one of the many advantages of learning a language in its country of origin.

You will find that you are able to improve your language skills not only during your lessons at the language school but also during the time you spend taking part in the leisure programme or at home with your host family. Speaking and listening to English every day will ultimately make it so familiar to you that you will be able to use it confidently and without fear. The minimum possible duration of a language course is one week, but we suggest you book a longer stay of two or three weeks in order to take full of advantage of the learning experience and to obtain even greater achievements.

Many language schools offer discounts for longer stays or for trips made during the off-season. Have a look at our current offers or simply contact us directly for more information.

We can also offer language courses for adults aged 50 and above who would prefer to attend a course with people of the same age. In this case you have the option to combine your language course with a cultural leisure programme. You can find out more about our English 50+ programmes here.


General English

English language courses for every level

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Business English

Specific Business English training for more success in your career

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Language Certificates

Language certificates for your studies and for your job

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English courses with recognition for the Bildungsurlaub in England and Ireland

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Erasmus+ and teacher courses

Lifelong learning in England and Europe: learning English with or without the help of EU funding

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Current offers

Take advantage from the offers of our partner schools

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English courses for adults tailored to your needs

  • We advise and support you on any matters regarding the courses and make sure you find the best option for you: be it a General English course, Business English course or a more specific one.
  • The courses usually start on Mondays. Most courses take place throughout the whole year. Normally you will arrive on the weekend before the course starts and depart on the weekend after the last day of class.
  • Every school will test your language level on site and based on the result place you in the proper course.
  • We recommend courses that are internationally diverse.
  • The minimum duration for language courses is one week, but we suggest choosing longer stays of two or three weeks, in order to obtain greater achievements and improve the learning experience.

M. Molnar's feedback:

I would like to thank you and your colleagues for your skilled consultancy in the selection of a suitable language school for me and for your support before the journey.

I really enjoyed my stay. The number of students in my class was very small because of the course being in the low season. The teachers were therefore able to respond to our needs and wishes, which made me very happy.

D. Vogel's feedback:

The consultancy was perfect! You recommended exactly what I was looking for!

I am completely satisfied! I learned a lot during my 3-week stay! I also contacted other agencies, but did not receive such a specific and proficient consultancy as from you. Many thanks!

I. Koch's feedback:

I was well-advised by the different employees in Frankfurt from the beginning onwards.

Someone always had time for me. Because of the different conversations, we ended up at exactly the right place.

B. Volkmann's feedback:

The atmosphere at the business language school is extraordinary! The teachers are fabulous!

They always boost the students with positive feedback, are challenging and motivational at the same time, while structuring their lessons to make them vibrant and entertaining. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. It apparently was coincidence that only a few students were there at the time. The teachers were exchanging information among themselves and always knew what we were learning and how we were performing in the other lessons.


T. Münch's feedback:

I want to start my feedback with a Thank You.

I only got the idea of participating in a language course in England in spring this year. In the search for suitable schools I found your offer and immediately called you. Thanks to the detailed phone call and the information about selected business language schools, I quickly found the right offer. In our second conversation you then helped me with the booking and the organization of the journey. Thank you for the extensive support!

N. Streich's feedback:

It was the ideal business school and the perfect environment for my needs.

Many thanks for the mediation. Especially impressive were the teachers (motivated and motivational) and thus the quality of the lessons.

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