What are the advantages of studying at a state boarding school?

Academic quality and varied curricula at reasonable prices

State schools also offer excellent academic quality and a varied curriculum. Choosing a state school allows you to benefit from lower prices than those offered by private boarding schools. The same conditions apply for teenagers coming from EU countries and Switzerland as for British teenagers: there are no school tuition fees. You simply pay for the supervision, board and lodgings. We can show you two different options for attending a state school: day schools accompanied by accommodation in a host family, or at a stay at a state boarding school.

State day schools with accommodation in a host family

Attending a day school while staying in a host family gives teenagers the opportunity to be included in the life of a British family. The length of stay is flexible and your son or daughter can choose to study for one, one and a half or two terms, or a full school year in England. We work with partner agencies in Britain to offer you this service, and they choose the host families and provide local support.

Our partner organization will usually arrange you child's transfer to the school and will also offer various different excursions and take care of the teenagers’ general well-being. Additionally, they will arrange extra English lessons for teenagers who are not native English speakers and also entry into the English school leavers’ exams, if required. Depending on the school, the price per term is currently between £4,700 and £5,800 pounds. Full school years of three terms' duration are sometimes offered at lower prices. We can recommend offers for full school years starting from £7,990.

State boarding schools

Typically, state boarding schools encourage applications from teenagers who intend to study there for a full academic year and as at private boarding schools, the teenagers at state boarding schools are looked after by houseparents. However, not all state boarding schools will offer places to international students. Our suggested schools are often in high demand, so we recommend early applications. We will support you in the selection of the right school and then throughout the sometimes extensive application process. The costs for a full academic year (three terms) are currently between £9,500 and £13,000.

C. Rodde's feedback:

Our son is back from the boarding school since July - and he was delighted.

As a parent I have a fantastic impression of his school year, as well - some spontaneous thoughts: Almost only full boarders, almost only native English speakers, sense of unity at the school, very regular and informative feedback by the school. I want to once again thank you for the exceptional consultation before the stay.

J. Lozano's feedback:

Our daughter felt very comfortable at the boarding school, so much that she did not want come back home.

She was very well received and found friends for life. The atmosphere and the interaction between teachers and students must have been very pleasant. Overall the complete package was just right. Accommodation, offers, atmosphere and care were outstanding. We can recommend the school without exceptions.

N. Horstmann's feedback:

Our son felt exceptionally well and in good hands at the school, he experienced a great unity with other boarders and the school staff.

There really is nothing to complain about: He does well at school and his English skills already improved significantly and the mentoring is exceptionally well. The sports and social activity programme at the school is outstanding as well and versatile. My husband and I want to thank you for the great care by any means. We have never liked booking packages and prefer individual possibilities. In that sense your agency's service was exactly the right thing for us.

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