Sprachtest zum berufsbezogenen Englisch

BULATS (Business Language Testing Service)

The BULATS is a test which evaluates the professional language skills and is suitable, for example, for employees who are looking for a job on the international market. The language test is computer-based, lasts from 60 to 90 minutes and evaluates the language skills related to the profession. During the test the computer chooses the next question based on the previous answer. Consequently, the difficulty changes according to the language level. The result is given right after finishing the test and includes a description of the language level of the examinee. All examinees start off at the same level.    


Language test for lawyers

ILEC (International Legal English Certificate)

The ILEC is addressed to both employed lawyers and law students who want to evaluate their English skills in the legal field. The exam tests the current language skills through tasks inspired by daily work in the legal field. The exam, which can be taken every month, is based on the B2/C1 CEFR-levels and was created by the University of Cambridge.

We recommend you courses in England which can prepare you for both the BULATS and the ILEC.


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