Learn English in the homeland of golf

English courses plus Golf

Combine your passion for golf with an intensive and exciting English course in England, Scotland or Ireland. We work closely with a number of language schools which provide excellent English lessons combined with outstanding golfing opportunities. This combination of golf and English tuition will give you the chance to improve both your athletic and your linguistic skills in a comfortable atmosphere. All teachers are qualified and experienced.

Scotland is the original home of golf, but there are many equally impressive opportunities to play in England and Ireland. You can visit the famous Old Course range in St. Andrews or you can travel to the coast of Devon or Ireland and enjoy spectacular sea views while you play. You can choose golf tuition with a trained professional, or you can explore the golf courses in the area of the language school, exactly as you prefer.

You will do your English lessons in the mornings and then spend your afternoons playing golf with like-minded people. This will allow you to practise and strengthen your newly learned English skills while also enjoying the most beautiful golf courses in the British Isles. Separate courses are offered for different age groups and levels of skill. Whatever your level of experience, we will find you the perfect course.

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