Course type Elite boarding school (starting year 8)

Name Private Boarding School

Duration One year

Class size Max. 14 students

Intensity Full time

Availability Starting autumn 2020

Accommodation Room on campus

Catering provision Full board

Leisure programme Leisure programme included

Institute Boarding schools in England

Price up to - 40% on school fees

Price - 40%

What are the advantages of studying at a private boarding school?

Private boarding schools have a proud position in the British educational system

Private boarding schools in England are divided into three categories: Independent Schools, Private Schools and Public Schools (occasionally High Schools). All schools offer their students a better chance to interact with other students and a higher level of individual support than is common in normal day schools.

Boarding schools usually have spacious grounds, on which are situated not only the school residences, but also the many other facilities, such as their own theatre and concert stages, recording studios, art studios and sports grounds which adhere to international match standards. The science laboratories are also equipped to the highest standards. Small class sizes make it possible for individual talents and strengths to be recognized and supported; be they in the academic, musical, athletic or artistic field. The schools prioritize the development of self-awareness, self-confidence, team spirit and social responsibility in their students. Behind their historic walls, the schools combine long-standing tradition with a modern and innovative approach to learning.

Our consultation service for stays at British boarding schools

Our frequent visits to British boarding schools allow us to maintain a superior overview of the options available and to give you dependable guidance as you make your choice.

We will provide our professional assistance to help you find the best boarding school for your son or daughter and we will not charge you any processing or consultation fee for our service. It is important to us that we only suggest schools which understand how to integrate international students quickly and successfully. At the same time, we will always take your wishes and expectations into consideration as we provide you with your individual consultation. Our team will support you through the planning process and we will remain available to assist you throughout your child’s stay in England.

Many private boarding schools can be attended for a single term. Some schools also offer half-terms, which last six weeks. We can recommend private boarding schools with fees of as little as £6,500 per term, but £8,000 is more typical.

We currently have special offers on boarding school stays.

M. Surbeck's feedback:

Our daughter felt very happy and learned a lot, especially the language, but other things too.

The classes were very disciplined, but the teachers were exceptionally friendly and personal. Additionally, many excursions and activities were offered, really great! Our daughter received a detailed certificate and a personal report from every teacher, which was very nice for our daughter and for us as parents.

J. Wingenfeld's feedback:

I have no criticism, I just want to say thank you.

My son has been attending a boarding school for more than two terms now, largely thanks to your help beforehand, and is very enthusiastic. Because of this he wants to complete the summer term in England before returning to a German school to do his Abitur.

S. Konstantinidis' feedback:

I really enjoyed the three months there, it was a great experience.

I was immediately included and felt like part of the boarding family. Because of the small number of students, it was possible to do a lot of experiments and to ask a lot of questions. The large number of subjects, sports and social activities on offer leave no time for boredom. In addition, I made a lot of friends, with whom I am still in close contact and want to see again as soon as possible.

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