Special offers for autumn and winter

England and Ireland in autumn – More than just rain!

If you’re interested in doing an English course in Britain, you might not have considered doing it in the autumn. The idea of bad weather might be off-putting, but Britain has a lot to offer whatever the weather is like. Rainy days are a part of autumn in most parts of Europe and even in Britain it doesn’t rain all the time! Better still, if you book early, you can save up to 50% on the cost of your course.

We have put together some of the most attractive options available from our partner schools this autumn. You can choose to enjoy the season either in a culturally rich city such as London, Exeter or York, or outside the city, strolling along a Devon beach in the autumn sun. And, if it does rain, you can always take shelter in a café with a local cream tea or in a cozy pub with traditionally brewed real ale and a roaring fire.

Many courses are not only cheaper in the off-season, but also take place in much smaller groups. You can take advantage of these benefits and still enjoy the best that Britain has to offer. The magnificent Devon coastline, for example, looks as beautiful in autumn as it does in high summer. You can visit the wonderful “English Riviera” and enjoy an afternoon tea on the seafront or take a boat trip. In London, autumn sees the start of the theatre season and, should it rain, you can simply take the tube.


Current offers for adults

Language courses in England
Language course by the sea in Devon

The language course will take place in Sidmouth, a wonderful seaside resort located directly on the coast, which has won awards for its magnificent flower displays. The town is considered to be a gateway to the Jurassic Coast and its famous cliffs and rock formations were defined as UNESCO world natural heritage sites. As well as its gorgeous landscape, Sidmouth also offers its visitors an interesting cultural activity programme.   

  • 20 General English lessons of 45 minutes duration for GBP 270 instead of GBP 350. Save 23% compared to the high season price.
  • 20 General English lessons of 45 minutes duration plus 6 hour-long one-to-one lessons for GBP 386 instead of GBP 532 UK. Save 27% compared to the high season price.
In autumn all courses are limited to smaller, more intimate groups of six participants only.
There is an additional registration fee of GBP 75, plus accommodation costs.
A one week stay with a host family in a single bedroom and with half-board, for example, would cost GBP 173.
The school offers a transfer service to and from London Heathrow airport on Saturdays without additional charge.



Language courses in Exeter, the capital of Devon

The language course will take place in Exeter, the capital city of Devon, in the south west of England. South West England has the warmest climate of Great Britain, and although rainy days are still a possibility, Exeter has the most hours of sunshine on average of the whole of Britain. It also has good travel links, which make it an ideal starting point for sightseeing tours in the region. Alternatively, stay within the city to visit the beautiful medieval cathedral, to shop on the newly remodelled high street or to visit the Royal Albert Memorial Museum for free. Exeter prides itself on its excellent restaurants, which serve the best quality foods from around the region; for example “On The Waterfront”, which serves seafood and local fresh fish on the historic Exeter Quayside.

  • 20 General English lessons of 45 minutes duration for GBP 225 instead of GBP 340. Save 34% compared to the high season price.
  • 28 Authentic General English lessons of 45 minutes duration for GBP 300 instead of GBP 440. Save 32% compared to the high season price.
  • One week’s full-board accommodation in a host family for GBP 135 instead of GBP 145 - Save 7% compared to the high season price.

There is an additional registration fee of GBP 40.

Language course on the English Riviera

The language course will take place in Paignton, directly on the coast and right at the heart of the “English Riviera”. England’s most famous coastal region combines a spectacular landscape with plentiful amenities. Its well-known seaside resorts are located near over 30 kilometres of sandy beaches.

The “Church House Inn” is worth a visit whatever the weather. This rustic country pub has a warm and crackling fireplace and offers a range of regional specialities. Try a pint of Tribute Ale whilst enjoying some classy pub food which will challenge any stereotypes about British cuisine.

  • 15 General English lessons of 60 minutes duration for GBP 221 instead of GBP 263. Save 16% compared to the high season price.
  • 23 General English lessons of 60 minutes duration for GBP 266 instead of GBP 324. Save 18% compared to the high season price.
  • One week’s half-board accommodation in a host family for GBP 132 instead of GBP 154. Save 14% compared to the high season price.
There is an additional registration fee of GBP 40.
For the procurement of a host family there will be a charge of GBP 41.
Autumnal charm in York

The school in York is situated in a restored Victorian villa in a quiet neighbourhood close to the city centre. York is famous for its medieval walled city and its famous Minster – the biggest gothic church in Northern Europe. In autumn, Northern England combines its own special charm with typical English weather. It can change from golden October to a real autumn storm within seconds, providing a perfect opportunity to visit one of York’s many charming cafés or tea houses, such as “Bettys of Harrowgate”. Here, afternoon tea is served in the Imperial Room, where you can bask in regency luxury amongst crystal chandeliers and piano music.

  • 15 General English lessons of 60 minutes duration, including half-board accommodation in a host family, only GBP 459.


English courses in Ireland
English courses for young adults in Limerick

Limerick, in the West of Ireland, has historical charm and is famous for being a very authentic Irish city. Generally, the costs of living in Limerick are reasonable, which will enable you to live relatively cheaply while attending the language course.

Our partner school in Limerick wishes to provide a varied mixture of nationalities for its students. As only a few Germans tend to go to Limerick, the school is offering 30 English lessons for the price of 20 lessons. Convenient accommodation in a host family or in a student residence is available close to the school.

  • 30 General English lessons of 45 minutes duration for EUR 130 per week. Save 41% compared to the high season price.
  • Accommodation in the student residence with self-catering costs EUR 130 per week.
  • Full-board accommodation in a single room with a host family costs EUR 195 per week.
There is an additional registration fee of EUR 30.
A transfer from Shannon airport to the accommodation can be booked for EUR 35.
In the summer months of July and August there is an extra charge of EUR 20 per week for the course.


Boarding schools with competitive prices and special offers

Boarding school for girls in central England

This girls’ boarding school is situated in a beautiful landscape in the heart of England and has a very good reputation. It is a small, traditional English school which currently draws most of its pupils from the rural surrounding area but is now aiming to attract students from other countries. For the school year 2017/2018 we can offer stays for teenagers with a minimum duration of one term. The current price per term is GBP 9,032, however we can offer a one term stay for only GBP 7,000. This special offer includes transfer to the school and accommodation in the boarding house during the spring holidays before the term begins. This is a very unusual offer as most residences are closed during the holidays.

Traditional boarding school in Shropshire

This school is also located in central England and is on the outskirts of a small, historic market city. The school was founded in 1,407, making it one of the oldest in Britain. It is now a coeducational boarding school where boys and girls study a wide range of subjects together in state of the art buildings and spacious surroundings. For the spring and summer terms we can offer you the very favourable price of GBP 7,200 (the usual price is in the region of GBP 9,540). Pupils who join the school at the beginning of the autumn term and who remain enrolled for the entire academic year will benefit from this price for all three terms. Included in this price is access to the extensive support of our partner agency on site. An extracurricular programme of workshops and afternoon activities is also available.